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Tiger Door - History

How Tiger got Its Name

Tiger Door was originally called The Forever Door and was developed by Gary Binder. He ran it as basically a cottage industry selling and manufacturing the door himself. He only had one door model, what we call the Heavy Duty Door. After taking the business as far as he could he sold it to Composite Structures. Composite Structures manufactured various fiberglass items and thought it would be a good fit. Composite Structures kept Gary Binder on as a consultant.

At that time our markets were waste water treatment facilities, paper mills, photo processing labs and similar environments due to the wet and corrosive conditions. However, we knew that a natural placement for the doors would be any place where frequent cleaning with harsh chemical cleaners existed. So we started targeting hospitals and zoos. The first large project we did in a non-traditional market was the San Diego Wild Animal Park. We did some amazing doors for them including doors designed to withstand and contain rhinos. The next Zoo we went to was the Henry Doorly Zoo. They were getting ready to build the primate facility. Three months after they were installed we talked with the Zoo and we were told the doors were holding up well and “the tigers love them”. We were speechless with their remark “the tigers love them”. It seems they had given the doors to the tigers as toys. They were in one of the tiger enclosures and the tigers were using them as ramps and beds and urinals. That’s how the Forever Door became the Tiger Door.